Marissa Mayer - CEO of Yahoo! and former Google Engineer

Software Engineering Gender Gap

Th)e gender gap is particularly stark in software engineering. The male-to-female ratio of software engineers is never really close to a 50-50 distribution, even in industries where women represent nearly 50% of industry employment. The gap is particularly huge in traditionally male-dominated parts of tech like Computer Games and Computer & Network Security.  (If you like this, check out this detailed software engineering gender gap Silk which includes Tracy Chou's work).

Column Chart: Software Engineers As Percentage of Total Industry Workforce Compared Against Female Leadership and Total Female  Sector Workers

The scatter plot below shows how the outlier relationships as a percentage of total employment. Industries with better ratios are higher up the y-axis. Industries with the worst are further down. In general, the industries with the worst ratios are also industries that have lower total female participation while the industries with the better ratios are non-technology sectors. 

Software Engineers and All of Sectors datacards